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The Exhibit Company has been supporting the legal community for over 20 years. We are committed to staying abreast of the latest advances in trial technology and courtroom presentation solutions. We welcome the challenges of mastering complex information and determining the most effective ways to help our client present their case and achieve the best possible results.

From the individual family lawyer to the Attorney General’s office, our objective is to crystallize your trial themes into visuals that any juror can comprehend and provide you with rock-solid trial support.

Our Services

Juror retention can be increased by 650% when visuals are used in conjunction with oral argument. That’s where we come in.

The ability to analyze case facts, develop a visual strategy and execute that strategy with clear, compelling and convincing demonstratives can only come from years of trial experience. We have that experience. Our demonstratives are crafted to anchor your message in the minds of a jury, judge or mediator. Whether you need a single key demonstrative, complete opening/closing presentation or a knock-your-socks-off mediation presentation, we can help.

We are here to assist you in hosting or helping with your virtual meetings through Zoom, Skype, or Teams. We have free video resources below which are unique to the challenges we face in the legal profession such as digitally exhibit stickering your documents and sharing live during your meeting. We welcome any questions you have regarding virtual meetings.

Electronic presentations are the standard in mediations, arbitrations, and trials. Our technology specialists are trial tested, each having over 3,000 hours of in-trial experience utilizing the latest courtroom technology. Not only are they experts with the latest trial presentation software, but they are also skilled in handling any technical problems that may arise during trial.

Each specialist is responsible for evaluating equipment usage for trial, setting up audio/visual equipment, maintaining equipment through the life of a trial and troubleshooting problems if necessary. We also coordinate with the Court to make sure court protocol is maintained.

Our trial techs are certified in both Sanction and TrialDirector.

Whether you need local or nationwide support, our in-trial specialists are available to assist you.

Electronic presentations have a flow that static presentations don’t have. They can be very effective in unveiling case themes point by point. They create visual interest that acts as an awakening for the jury (and judge too). And judges and juries alike are accustomed to professional media presentations in their everyday lives.

But more goes into an electronic presentation than just words on a slide. Our creative department designs superior presentations that help you communicate your case themes in a clear and concise way, with minimum distraction from your message. We are not only skilled in the mechanics of creating animations and interactive presentations but also in the psychology behind colors, symbolism, information architecture and creating visuals that influence jury reactions.

Whether you need an interactive timeline, a presentation to set your theme in opening arguments, a Markman tutorial or settlement CD, we can help.

We are specialists in the following applications:

• PowerPoint
• Flash
• Adobe Acrobat
• Sanction
• Trial Director

We invite you to review samples of our work in the Portfolio section.

Most attorneys have either seen or used video clips with scrolling text during a trial, mediation or arbitration. If you are a Sanction, Trial Director or Visionary user, The Exhibit Company will digitize and/or synchronize your deposition video for direct import into these trial presentation packages.

Our veteran trial technicians can assist you with creating video clips and support you in the trial with your video needs. In addition to working with trial presentation packages, we can create demonstrative videos for use in expert witness testimony, edit day-in-the-life videos and create clips for viewing in Windows Media Player, PowerPoint or a viewer of your choice.

If you would like a tool to view, edit and easily create clips yourself for import into PowerPoint, YesLaw is the tool for you. We will package each of your synchronized videos with the YesLaw software and give you a 5-minute demonstration on how to use this powerful tool.

We offer the following legal video services:

• Digitizing/encoding video and audio recordings to CD or DVD
• Synchronizing video and audio recordings with electronic transcripts
• Digital editing of video and audio recordings
• Creation of digital video and audio clips for computerized presentations (Sanction, Trial Director, Visionary, PowerPoint)
• Creation of still prints from video
• CD duplication
• Authorized YesLaw provider
• Fast turn-around times and volume discounts

Digital Video Terminology:

Video digitizing or conversion is the process that converts your VHS tapes or DVDs (MPEG-2) to MPEG-1, the recommended format for litigation support software (i.e. Sanction, Trial Director, Visionary).

Video synchronization is the process that matches the words in the transcript with the words the person in the video is speaking.

Let’s face it, we are a society used to having information at our fingertips. Judges are no exception. A well organized electronic brief can help get your point across efficiently and with added impact. Let us help you prepare your next e-brief, complete with links to all your supporting cases, expert reports, demonstratives, and even video. We can even highlight relevant information within your supporting materials so your message is crystal clear.

Believe it or not, exhibit boards are not a thing of the past. In today’s gadget-driven world, simple is sometimes better. Out of sight is out of mind and once your document has disappeared from the e-court screen, the jury has no further opportunity to study your key demonstratives. We encourage our clients to remember their roots and to have a few of their main documents, timelines or key graphics turned into exhibit boards. The impact of opposing counsel walking over to remove your demonstrative is priceless.

We print directly from your PDF or native document in sizes up to 3′ x 5′ and anywhere in between.

Resource Guide:
Advocacy for the New Normal: How to Continue a Courtroom Practice From Your Living Room

[Austin Bar Association CLE – May 1, 2020]

Our Portfolio

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Finally … Digital Exhibit Stickers for Adobe Acrobat PDF Files!

If you have been looking for a simple way to add a digital exhibit sticker to your Adobe PDF files, then you need to check out our sister company ExhibitSticker.com. Professionally designed E-Stickers have been specifically created to work within Adobe Acrobat. Powerful features such as auto-incrementing numbers and letters make adding exhibit stickers a breeze.

Some of our clients are saving THOUSANDS of dollars per case in scanning and color printing charges and also regaining valuable time in an already time-stressed situation.

Please check out our sister site to download a FREE E-sticker and to check out our suite of powerful E-Stickers:

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